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sometimes i look back and see nothing


Bonjour. My name's Dorothy and i'm 14, going 15. 1st Juillet(July) is my birthday. I'm just another somebody. I'm extremely fond of chocolates and cheesecakes. I heart simplicity and i've a passion for soft colours- aoi(blue), momoiro(pink), shiroi(white). I swear my deep love for Japanese mangas & animes. I have a faint interest in learning French and Japanese. I'm pretty quiet, except that when i'm really *high*, i can get reallyreallyreally wild. I believe in miracles, alright, and hell yesh i love my prewtty and awesume friends. I like: Kpop/Jpop/English Music. Personal faves inlude Taylor Swift + Katy Perry + SNSD (Sooyoung/Taeyeon/YoonYul) + SHINee(TaeKey) + Kim Hyun Joong. Avid fan of YongSeo & Khuntoria in We got Married{ I find the Adam couple hilarious :P }. Love K-dramas consisting of You're Beautiful, My Girlfriend is a gumiho, Playful Kiss, My Girl & Goong S (princess hours). ♥ Japanese Animes/Mangas like Vampire Knight, kaichou Wa Maid-Sama, Ouran High School Host Club,Fruit Basket, Naruto & Code geass. I'm learning two things i've considered most important in my life: To love, and not to hate.
So love you if you love me(: I ain't perfect but I'm unique, live with it. See the 30 days challenge !

Imma a music/books/itouch lover & a twitter/tumblr/taptap addict. ^^v

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>a flower | > <$BlogItemCommentCount$> rose(s)

a thousand times I cried because of you

Alice Alice Alice Alice Alice Alice Alice Alice Alice Alice Alice Alice

those memories seem to fade




your presence blow me away


love makes you hold on

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jueves, 6 de enero de 2011

This hair....

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  1. 1st and 4th styles,
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